The List (There will be lots of revisions!)

1. Have a yearlong shopping (Semi) Ban

2. Finish making dog beds (completed 9/6/15)

3. Remember birthdays and anniversaries, etc – add them to my calendar

4. Do five 5ks, run one of them

5. No more pinning on Pinterest; use what I pinned

6. Save $10,000. current savings: $3000

7. Complete one or more of these programs: Chalean or PiYo ­or Cize

8. Get rid of 100 items (at least). This doesn’t include trash, recycling, etc.

9. Complete C25K

10. revised: create an exercise space

11. Get to my driver’s license weight.

12. Weed out photos in hard drive

13. Back up photos on Amazon cloud

14. Learn one thing everyday (because Victor doesn’t want my phone):­ fix iPhone 4s for Victor

15. (revised) do something extra nice for my husband everyday

16. Read 52 books, including S. and The Money Class

17. Take bike to shop to get it fixed

18. Project life:­ finish 2015

19. Project life: ­ finish 2014

20. Project life:­ do 52 week project, starting in 2016

21. Fix toilet seats

22. Landscape backyard and garden

23. Teach dogs how to be calm.

24. Walk the dogs.

25. Frances Ruffelle @ Washington or in LA

26. 10,000 steps

27. Play with the games I have preordered and currently have

28. Limit to 3 4 3 4 subscription services. Right now I have:

  • Pop Sugar (3 month pre-paid subcription, cancelled in October)
  • Comic Bento (3 month sub; keep until subscription runs out in September, cancelled in October)
  • Studio Calico (monthly, keep until December end of September)
  • Try The World (6 month sub keep until subscription runs out in December cancelled)
  • LitCube (monthly cancelled)
  • Upper Case (monthly cancelled)
  • Bulu Box (monthly cancelled)
  • Hampton’s Lane (monthly, but I can skip months, will be cancelled because their customer service sucks)
  • Globe In (3 month pre-paid subscription)
  • Blue Apron (weekly, but cooking in is better than eating out. Starting November, limit to once a month)
  • Audible (not a subscription box, but I will be using this pretty often, I think)
  • Graze (to replace the Blue Apron box)

29. Turn off my electronics by 10 pm everyday

30. Visit the Philippines

31. New iMac Mac Mini

32. Unpack or donate at least 7 boxes of stuff a week, using KonMari method

33. Hit 10% weight loss from my original weight

34. Sew again

35. Photography again

36. revised: be good enough with finances to quit Sunday job

37. Do a 10k

38. Fix screens in living room

39. Blog (completed – you’re looking at it)

40. Apply to one job

41. Update resume

42. Organize all my paperwork

43. Set up a household binder

Revision 9.2.15: What happened to the punctuation?!?!?! Adding them now…

edit 9.3.15: Made changes to 14, 28, and 32.

edit 10.6.15: no longer keeping track of the edits


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