Week 2 in review

What I spent:

  • $24 for Fit Foodie 5k (43 for 44)
  • $20 block party for the San Diego Gulls (will revise shopping ban list – it’s an experience)
  • $41 for dinner (my husband, my niece, her boyfriend, and me)
  • $1.99 for a game on my iPad.  Used iTunes gift credit, but it is not on my approved list
  • $6.70 for breakfast. Used a Starbucks gift card. While not unapproved, it could lead to a bad habit
  • $7.30 for coffee for me and V. See above.
  • $4 for junk food. Not a good thing.
  • $37 Gas

In progress:

  • Savings: $400 (Christmas savings, new Mac Mini savings, and retirement)
  • 52 books: 3. 18 Things. I got this free from Amazon. I’m on a streak of not-so-good books.  4. This One Summer. A graphic novel I checked out from the library. Not bad, but not my favorite.
  • Subscription boxes: Cancelled: Bulu box, Lit-Cube, UpperCase. Received: ComicBento (I prepaid for a 3 month subscription); PopSugar Limited Edition (I prepaid for this one prior to my shopping ban). Opted out of Hamptons Lane box this month.


  • I keep downloading free apps! They are time sucks!
  • I’m spending a lot more money (mine or gift card credit) on food.  This is not a good thing, since 
  • Have not exercised at all this week.


  • Nothing – but I hope to complete the dog beds this Monday!

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