Week 3 in review (ending Saturday, September 12)

What I spent:

  • $43.72 supplies to complete #2: Dog beds
  • $38.16 groceries
  • $25.48 subscription box (Studio Calico) that I’m cancelling. I needed to complete my commitment first.
  • $59.94 for a new subscription box: Blue Apron. It counts as groceries, right?
  • $103 bills
  • $36 for the vet
  • $200 to savings
  • $8.72 for makeup brush cleaner. I ran out

Cautionary expenditures

  • $14.82 fast food
  • $7.90 coffee for me and V (used gift card)

In progress:

  • #11, 33: 4.4 pounds lost 
  • #6: $7,118 left to go


     #2: Dog Beds! 2 down, 41 to go…


  • Fast food. I really shouldn’t be eating that stuff.
  • A new subscription box. It really is groceries, so I’m hoping it will inspire me to cook more and have less wasted food. We shall see!
  • I only went through 3 boxes this week.

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