Boxes 2

Another week, another set of boxes. I am way behind schedule in this project.

Box 1: A box from LA.

This last Saturday I went to visit my sister and her family for a belated birthday celebration. My sister’s family had a huge garage sale, and I was offered to pick up anything they had for sale. I remembered all the stuff I had waiting for me at home and I declined (Go me!). But my sister set a few things aside from me.  One was a set of books, and another was a set of bowls. I left Los Angeles with a box of stuff.


More stuff!

It took me a few days to unpack it, but I did it!

Of the box of books, I only picked up two to bring home:


Two of my favorite series.

I may already have the Jasper FForde book – if I do, I will donate this one.  I will keep the Larsson book, because I do love the series.


10 years ago, I would have turned my nose at this.

These are the bowls my sister saved for me.  I will need to get rid of some things in order to fit them in my cabinets, but I do love the vintage-esque look.


You can see my feet!

Gifts from my sister and Ulta.  I made one purchase in this bunch – the Brush Bath because I ran out, and I had a $10 off coupon.  My sister bought the L’Oreal, Aquaphor, the wool wrap, and the sticky notes for my birthday.  The Urban Decay mascara was a free gift from Ulta.


Points Plus!

The last of the items included Weight Watchers books. I bought a cookbook (I broke my shopping rules), a new tracker (I’m almost done with mine), and a new Success Handbook. I am losing my momentum in Weight Watchers, and I hope this will help.

So, nothing to get rid of, just need to put them away.

Bag 2: Comic-Con!

This bag is from 2014, and other than doing an inital weed-out, I haven’t looked in it for over a year. Let’s see what’s there, shall we?

Inside my bag of holding.

 Books! Lots of books!


Too little time, too many books.

Many of them were preview copies.  I only kept one: Luke, We Need to Talk. Then came the book samples.


Samples that I will never read.

  I’m not sure what to do with the comics.  I would donate them, but I want to make sure they will be used.  Holding onto them for now. 

I kept the bag, and the following:

Should be rotated. Oh, well.

That’s it.  

Box 3: Book Donation!

Most libraries take books. Some of them will be included in the collection, but others will be sold in the library bookstores.  I donated these. Some of the books are from the bag I just emptied, but others were from my bookshelves. I got those books from ComicCons and library bookstores from the last few years.

Box 4: Donation/give away

Finally, a box of pens and other miscellaneous stuff. It will probably go to Goodwill, but I might take some to my work – students will like some of the pens.

Box 5: A box of stuff


More stuff…

This is just stuff.  Magazines (I donated), old software (donated), mail (shredded or put in another box to be filed), and random things I could use, but not at this time. 

I am overwhelmed with the amount of stuf I have. I am doing the one box at a time because if I focused on the whole picture, I would probably quit. It’s all too much!

Why do I keep this stuff? There has to be some deep reason why I do it.  I’ve always had trouble throwing things away; the “It will be useful one day” mantra has stuck in my head. Or “I should sell it and make some money,” pops into my head, especially with the ComicCon stuff. 

I just need to keep at it. I will see some light soon.


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