Week 6 (September 27 -October 3, 2015)

What I spent:

  • $134.33 bills (water)
  • $44.95 Weight Watchers
  • 63.06 groceries (blue apron and a vons trip)
  • $12.83 fast food
  • $31 gas
  • $200 credit card (to pay for the Padres season tickets)
  • $144.16 video game Lego Dimension and the Scooby Doo level pack)
  • $36 waxing
  • $29 gifts for my neice
  • $43.15 Pop Sugar Must have box

It sounds like I’ve been spending a lot of money, even though I have a shopping ban. I pre-ordered the Lego game at Comic-Con in July and already counted the money as spent; it posted this week.

Last year I spent the following during the same period:

  • $21.59 Books
  • $192.02 Eating out
  • $36 wax
  • 1,616.98 bills (mortgage, water and cable/internet/phone)
  • $34 groceries
  • -$50 savings (because I had less than $50 in my checking account) 

It would actually be better to see compare months, not weeks, since billing cycles vary (a separate blog post). But I already see that my eating out amount is way over than what I do today. Plus, I save a lot more than I did before. I was barely able to save $200 a month.  Now it’s more like $600, if not more.

In Progress

  • Cancelled subscription boxes: Even though I love Pop Sugar, and it is on my approved list, this is my last month.  I may re-subscribe, but right now it seems too frivolous for what I want to do.  Although it’s not official yet, I am also cancelling Hamptons Lane. I am very disappointed in their customer service and billing. I was charged $47 for a box that I have not received, nor have a tracking number for. The company has not responded to my emails, messages on their Facebook page AND a direct messege on FB.  They are probably short-staffed, but right now it’s pretty shady. So I have two boxes – Blue Apron and GlobeIn. The latter is awesome, and the former isn’t bad, just expensive.
  • $150 to savings. Now at the 1/2 point of my goal. 
  • Checking out prices for the mac mini…
  • My weight is going the wrong way (that will be another blog post)


Nothing yet. Drat.


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