Week 7 in review (October 4 – October 10)

What I spent:

  • $11.99 iCloud drive (yearly fee)
  • $79.82 [$10.66+$10+ 5.93+ 29.16+5.69 +21.38 eating out (7-11, Am/PM, Jack in the Box+Playa Grill+ Jack in the Box + pieology)]
  • $58 sports (Gulls and parking at Dodgers game)
  • $26.54 [$18.95 + 7.55 household (soap nuts and room spray)]
  • $50 to pay for tshirt and program for a family reunion
  • $45.00 groceries
  • 7.99 bills Netflix
  • 96.32 cell phone bill
  • 291.62 insurance
  • $1400 mortage for November
  • $24.75 gas
  • $86.02 work expenses to be reimbursed (it was food for a training)
  • $1,002.24 mac mini and superdrive


  • $300 to savings


#31: Buy a mac mini. I saved enough to purchase that and a SuperDrive. I managed to get a refurbished one and Mercury is not in retrograde, so I should be ok. The item should arrive in a week or so. Special shout out to the Refurb Tracker, which sent me an email when that mac mini was for sale (I couldn’t find it in the Apple store app).


  • Gained 2.4 p0unds
  • Spent over $1000, so my savings went down significantly (now at $4,512.70)

Both of these are strongly related to eating out – especially fast food! It’been a tough week – I’ve had one day off in the last 3+ weeks, and I’m tired. This is leading to making bad decisions…and bad eating habits.


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