Week 8 in Review (October 11-October 17)

This week I didn’t spend much, but I messed up.  Last week I spent the majority of my money on bills. No bills this week, but mismanagement of my outgoing cash flow led to a transfer from savings to checking.

I had spent $80 for work expenses last week, and I was reimbursed with cash. What I should have done was deposit the cash into my checking account. Instead, I ended up frittering it away, especially with fast food.

I know what’s happening. Since I’m not spending money with stuff, I’m spending it on food instead. I know I’m getting paid this week…time to rein in the food spending.

What I spent:

  • $84.10 Eating out (Rita’s, L&L, kfc, 7-11, Cheesecake Factory, Jack in the Box)
  • $71.84 Groceries
  • $29 Gas
  • $31.32 Apple Store for cable adaptor for mac mini
  • $31.91 Home Depot


  • $125 to TD Ameritrade; however:
  • -$170 checking to savings


  • #21: Fix Toilet seats.  All three of our toilet seats have something wrong with them.  I finally replaced the worst of the lot.  Toilet seat prices vary widely, from $6 to more than $50. I bought a middle of the road one.  I am proud that I replaced it. It was a fix the bathroom kind of day; I replaced the flapper in the tank. I even replaced a tiny screw on the toilet paper holder. Which led to…
  • #14: Learn something new everyday: I learned that the little screw for the toilet paper holder is called a socket screw.  It’s not “a screw without the head.” And the size I needed is 4 mm x shorter than 12 mm.
  • #11 and #33: Lost 2.2 pounds. This mystifies me, because I did nothing to warrant a weight loss.


  • Savings. $125 is automatically deducted from my checking account to savings, but I transferred $170 from my savings to checking. Net savings: -$45. I’ll need to pay myself back – and then some this week, when I get paid.
  • Joined a new subscription service: Graze. They partnered with Weight Watchers and their snacks are pre proportioned.  I can skip weeks so I’ll alternate between this and Blue Apron.

I’ll need to buckle down for the next few days. Upcoming expenses: dog food!


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