Week 9 in Review: October 18-October 24, 2015

What I spent:

  • $96.92 from eating out. This includes trips to Pizza Hut, 7-11, Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Jack in the Box, Playa Grill.
  • $264.94 for Groceries. Blue Apron, and a big shopping trip to Costco
  • $75 for furniture. The two desks I have are too small for the computer monitor. IKEA has the desk set I wanted for $106, but I found the exact one on Craigslist for $70. I had to buy screws which cost $5.
  • $30 for V’s entry to Fit Foodie 5k
  • $68 dog food, a dog bed. After all that time and effort for the dog beds, V wanted another one.
  • $251.74 cable/internet/phone bill
  • $100 payment #2 for Padres Season Tickets

In Progress:

#6: Save $10,000. This week I saved $270. I took out another $200 prior to payday. I paid it back, along with $270.

#1: Shopping ban: I cancelled a pre-order I made in April. It was for an Orange Chef smart pad. It’s a fancy food scale. I purchased one two years ago, and this one had more bells and whistles, but I don’t use the first one. In fact, I may just sell that one. If I make $25, that would be good.

#12: Weed out photos in hard drive. And so it begins. I have 23,000 images, (all backed up). Now it’s just weeding through what I have. I have a lot of crap photos that don’t need to take up space. I’m working with the present, and then working backward in time.

#13: Back up photos in hard drive.Transferred all my photos to Amazon photo. It’s over 46,000 23,000* images and videos, covering 15+ years.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.38.52 AM

*This set up a mild panic, because when I initially uploaded my library, it said 46,000 images to be uploaded. When it was done, it said 23,000 images. A mild panic set in as I thought I lost 1/2 of my images. No, it must have double counted my images.

#28 Limit to 4 subscription boxes. Technically, it’s not completed, but it’s as good as done.  Five are listed, and will be four in January. Here they are:

  1. Globe In. My favorite box, and to a good cause, two
  2. Graze. New subscription, it’s weekly.
  3. Blue Apron. I’ve had some not-so-good recipes, and while I like that it encourages me to cook, the last few recipes I didn’t do so well. I’ll keep it, but limit to once a month, unless the menu sounds really, really good.
  4. Hamptons Lane**. I’m on the fence on this one. The good thing about this subscription is that you can skip months. So it’s on hiatus right now. I will cancel this one, probably after December 1. The stuff is good, and it’s fun to see what’s been offered, but I had a not positive experience with their customer service that I’m leery of doing business with them again.
  5. **Audible. This will replace Hamptons Lane.  I have three free months, and then I’ll pay at the same time I quit Hamptons Lane.

Goals next week:

No eating out. We bought a lot of groceries this week. That, along with a shipment from Blue Apron, there should be no excuse for fast food.

Start #7 and #9: I’ve neglected my exercise the last few months. It’s time to get started again.


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