Week 11 in Review (November 1-November 6, 2015)

What I spent:

  • $45.40 Eating out
  • $20 Gifts
  • $40 Gas
  • $11.99 Groceries
  • $57.92 the cost of two virtual races (The 12ks of Christmas and the Mustache Dache Virtual Run)
  • $299.13 Bills (AAA membership, mobile phone, electricity)
  • $47 Subscription Box (Hampton’s Lane. I’m giving them one more shot. Already I’m seeing an issue.)
  • $67.02 (two pairs of shoes and a heel cup)
  • $36.17 (A Doctor Who expansion pack for Lego Dimensions. I pre-ordered this July.)


  • $350. (I now saved enough for Christmas)


  • #4. I completed my 4th 5k.  One more to go, but I still have to run one completely. I signed up for my 5th one, a virtual one that will take place during Thanksgiving Weekend.
  • #12 Weeding out photos. I completed two months (September and October 2015), deleting about 200 photos.


I spent over $100 on things that I didn’t need. Well, I do need new shoes (the shoes I’m replacing need replacing. I am having heel trouble, and flats are giving me a lot of pain. The new shoes I bought have heels and will put less pressure on that part of my foot.

I could have cancelled my preorder, but this kit is the reason why I bought the game.  I ate out with a friend (that’s ok), but also ate at fast food places this week. Need to keep planning my meals.

I did not check weigh in this week – we had a 5k on our weigh in day.


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