35. Photography

Ever since I was a child I loved to take photos. I can thank my dad for that. He was the photographer in the family, and as each of his kids grew up, he or she became a photographer in the high school yearbook staff. My dad even built a darkroom in our garage.  In sixth grade, I got my first camera, a hand-me-down that used 110 film.  (Something like this, but probably older.)

Eventually I moved on to a SLR and during my stint as a yearbook photographer I developed film and printed photos, knowing the ins and outs of developer, stop bath, and fixer. I enjoyed the entire process from rolling the undeveloped of film into the cassettes to seeing the finished product of negatives drying on the clothesline in the darkroom to doing the final rinse of the photo after the sitting in the fixer.

As technology shifted to digital, I moved towards digital photography, using mostly my phone and several different point and shoot cameras and relying heavily on my cell phone. It was much more convenient (easier to manipulate the photo on the computer) and cheaper, too (you can take 100s more photos for the same amount spent on film). I bought a DSLR, then sold it because I wasn’t using it (too big, and too conspicuous).

Years passed, and I felt the urge to take photos again. So many choices!

So here is my new camera (taken with my cell phone):


This will help fulfill #35 on my list, and will inspire me to take more shots than ever before.

One my first shots, with more to come. (My poor dogs will soon get sick of this.)




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