43 for 44 – how far did I get?

I turn 44 tomorrow.

This blog was originally meant to document my progress of my 43 for 44 list (the 43 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 44), but I ended using this for sharing my thoughts on other things like my favorite the local baseball team, brushing up on my photography skills, and sharing photos of my dogs.

Of the 43 things I wanted before my birthday, I completed 11 of them. I made progress on some of those I didn’t complete, and others I totally went the other way.

Starting with what I didn’t accomplish:

1.Shopping Ban. I did ok for 5 weeks, then I fell into the trap of subscription boxes. My gateway to buy new things.

3. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc.: Nope, did horribly on this.

6. Save $10,000. I am $6,000 short.

7. Complete Chalean, Piyo, or Cize. I’d get two workouts in, and then didn’t do much after this.

8. Get rid of at least 100 items. I got rid of lot of items, but nothing significant.

9. Complete C25K,. See #7.

10. Create and exercise space.  I did, and then it got filled with stuff because I was unable to do numbers 1 or 8.

11. Get to drivers license weight. Because I didn’t do 7, 8, or 10.

17. Fix bike. Still sitting in our sunroom. Still gathering dust.

18-20. Project Life 2014-15; Project 52 for 2016. Nope, not even close.

22. Landscape backyard. The backyard is still all dirt.

23-24. Train the dogs to be calm; walk them more often. I am a horrible dog owner.

25. See Frances Ruffelle in Washington, D.C. Missed it.

26. 10,000 step habit. Barely made it to 3,000 on some days.

29. Electronics off by 10 pm. I am writing this post at 11 pm.

30. Visit the Philippines. I really regret not doing this.

32. Pack/Unpack 7 boxes a week. I started and now my “exercise space” is filled with half-filled boxes and things spread around.

33. Lose 10% of weight. I actually gained 10%.

34. Sew again. My sewing machine is covered with items to fulfill numbers 18-20.

36. Quit Sunday job. I took a month off, but I can’t quit it. I like the people I work with too much.

37. Do a 10k. Whoops. I forgot about this one.

38. Fix the window screens in the house. The dogs keep poking their nose through it.

40. Apply to one job. There was one, but I chickened out.

41. Update resume. Still need to do this.

Sort of did.

12. Weed out photos.  I am 1/10 the way through. Still have a ways to go.

14. Learn something new every day. I did, but didn’t document it.

15. Do something nice for my husband everyday. Almost every day I did this, but that doesn’t count. And then I didn’t document it.

21. Fix toilet seats. Replaced one of them. Mr. Jasperitis replace the other one.

27. Play games, music, books I own; use what I have.* Mostly did this, but bought new music with gift cards/credit.


2. Dog Beds. Yes, did that! But unfortunately, the legs broke and

4. 5 5ks.  Actually I did more than that, because I found out about virtual races.

5. No more pinning on Pinterest; use what I pinned.  I don’t pin anymore. In fact, I deleted the app from my phone and tablet.

13. Back up photos in hard drive. I found Amazon Prime members have unlimited photo storage.

31. Buy a mac mini. I did! And didn’t charge it on a credit card.

28. Limit to 5 subscription boxes. I had a peak of 15+ subscriptions at one time, now I am down to one, and that will be done in September.

5. No more pinning on Pinterest. I did one better. I deleted the app from my phone and ipad.

39. Start blogging. You’re reading this.  I wasn’t as prolific as I thought I would be, but it’s a start

16. 52 books read, including S. and The Money Class. Done. Done. Done. (I actually read 55 books.)

35. Photography again. Yup. Did that. And I am rusty!

42. Organize paperwork. Took a two days, but I got it squared away.

43. Household binder  I put one together, similar to this. (Now actually using it, that’s another story.)

I didn’t accomplish everything, but I didn’t expect to, really. Lots of things were dependent on one another, but the fact of the matter was that I was easily distracted by other things.  I found myself staring at a screen, whether it be my phone, tablet or computer. Sometimes it was productive (blogging, backing up photos, or weeding out said photos), but most of the time I’ve been distracted by social media (Twitter is my Waterloo), and games. Like this one. Or this one. Or anyone of those slot machines games.

What happens tomorrow? Work, as usual, and another list.






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