44 for 45

I am now 45.

This time, however, on my 44 for 45 list, I am setting more doable goals. Some of the things I have on this list will be a repeat of last year’s list. (I am DETERMINED to do a year-long shopping ban, for instance.)

Here it is:

  1. Shopping ban. Probably an adapted version of this.
  2. One box or bag a day: either empty a box to put things away, or throw/donate a box (using konmari method).
  3. Weed out digital photos.
  4. Complete virtual pace series.
  5. Complete at least one cycle of the following: ChaLEAN/PiYo/cize. (No, I am not a beachbody coach. But I like their exercise dvds.)
  6. Be able to hook my hands behind my back and touch my palms to the floor. (This is an odd to-do, but it would be really nice to scratch the hard to reach places on my back.)
  7. Make room to exercise. Literally and figuratively. I need to add it to my planner and clear a space to do it.
  8. Go plant-based. Did a blood test last month, and the numbers are really concerning. I can still reverse them, and part of that is exercising and the other part is diet. Going to do this.
  9. No more soda.  I have been drinking a lot of soda and my teeth are paying for it. Diet soda has its benefits (no calories), but the studies against drinking that stuff is concerning.
  10. Eating out only for social events.
  11. Run a 5k.
  12. Lose 50 pounds.
  13. 21 day fix. Another Beachbody product, but you can follow the eating plan pretty cheaply, using the containers found on Amazon.
  14. Rehab master bathroom. It needs new paint, new shelves, new outlets, new mirror. Other than the electrics, most of the stuff I can do myself (or enlist Mr. Jasperitis).
  15. Fill in the photos of the frames in the house. I have lots of photos, and collage frames that don’t have those photos in them.
  16. Install photo holders in the garage.
  17. Landscape backyard.
  18. Get everyone’s birthday and send cards.
  19. Train Wilbur to loose leash walk.
  20. Sophie’s surgery. Sophie needs leg surgery.
  21. Eliza needs to learn to be calm (WIlbur, Eliza, and Sophie are the dogs of the Jasperitis household.)
  22. Volunteer somewhere. Either here or here (if either will take me).
  23. social media – limit.
  24. Delete all games from phone, except for Neko Atsume (because Tubbs).
  25. Digital Detox. Really, screen time needs to be limited. The Bored and Brilliant Challenge is just the ticket.
  26. Screen time is over at 10 pm.
  27. Blog at least once of week.
  28. Take lunch breaks.
  29. Complete the Book Challenge.
  30. Sew one article of clothing.
  31. Finish Lego Dimensions. Yes, this goes against my screen time challenge, but I hate the feeling of leaving things undone.
  32. Enter a photo contest.
  33. Shoot photos in manual mode.
  34. 104 photo project.
  35. Use my camera at least 2 weekends a month.
  36. Finish watching Arrested Develpment/Facts of Life/Frasier (again, more screen time, but see #30).
  37. Visit to Philippines (this WILL happen)
  38. Project Life the last few years.
  39. Put together Lego Doctor Who kit. I’m surprised I haven’t done this.
  40. Have a zero cc balance. My balance isn’t as bad as it has been in the past, but I want to nip it in the bud before it gets too crazy.
  41. Update resume
  42. Save 5 months salary.
  43. Find a (paying) side hustle that I can do on my own time.
  44. Understand my retirement accounts.

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