About me.


I’ve always liked making lists. Whether it’s:

  • grocery lists;
  • to-do lists;
  • brain dumps; or
  • anything else that can have a bullet or a number in front of it

I write it down.  It’s especially satisfying when things are completed (or bought) and you can put a line through it. It’s definitely a small sense of accomplishment.

So in the weeks before my birthday, I make a list of things I want to do before my next next birthday. This year I turned 43, so I made a 43 for 44 list –  43 things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 44 in 2016.

It’s unlikely I’ll finish them all; I’ll be lucky if I complete half of them.  But it’s a fun challenge, and this time I’ll be blogging about it.

There’s be some photos, and lot’s lots of typos. My list will evolve as time goes on.  Heck, this page will probably change, too.

I may not blog every day, but I will do a weekly wrap up on a semi-regular basis. I’m still trying to find my voice (I’ve lost my writing style about 10 years ago; I’m trying to get it back, or at least find a style), so it may sound a bit clinical. This is a public blog (most of it), so I am conscious of how I sound.

Oh yeah, I’ll probably blog about other things than my list. I’m working on my tagging skills, so you can avoid those things if you prefer.

What’s a Jasperitis? The origins of Jasperitis came about 20 years ago. I had a dog named Jasper (the best dog ever!), and during that time there was a hockey player named Darius Kasperaitis. I have never seen Kasperaitis play, but I liked how it was close to Jasper’s name, and so my nickname for my dog (and now my social media accounts) is Jasperitis (it’s pronounced jasper-eye-tis).


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