Charger Minicamp

Mr. Jasperitis and I went to Chargers fanfest.  I took 1200+ photos.  This photo is not the best photo of what I have (more photos to follow), but this is my favorite photo.  It’s been heavily cropped so it’s a bit grainy, but this player is really into stretching.




Baseball (part 2)

(For now, I am putting all grumbling and #grumpyfan aside, and doing my best to enjoy the game of baseball.)

I’ve been working on my photography skills. I’ve done nature shots (dogs, flowers and bees). now it’s time for sports.

The photos are from June 28, 2016 (Orioles vs. Padres). Mr. Jasperitis and I sit in right field (though for the first 17 years we sat in left), so some of the at-bat photos are a little blurry. All photos — though they need it — have not been retouched or cropped.  They definitely need it.


The Friar channeling Fernando? (We will miss him, though.)


They must be talking about facial hair, right?


In case you didn’t know, San Diego is hosting the All-Star Game.


Is Matt Kemp looking at me? Naah, he’s just acknowledging The Right Field Mission.  


The first out of a double play.


The second out of a double play.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture Melvin Upton, Jr.’s spectacular home run robbing play (I have a bad angle), but Kemp made a nice play.


And I’ll dump a few more right here.


Unfortunately, we had to leave early. (Mr. Jasperitis goes to work really, really early and it was late for him.) We’ll be back tonight (Saturday) to see the Padres play the Yankees.