Social media

I wouldn’t consider myself a social media expert (after all, who’s reading this?), but I do consume a lot of social media.

I have Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. I have an ello account, too.  Even Snapchat and Google+.  My myspace account is somewhere out there, too.

Trying to wean myself off of social media has been a trying experiment.  I rely on Twitter for my news, and share a lot on Facebook.  I now use Instagram to post photos of the food I cooked.  As far as Pinterest goes….well, hmmm…..

Pinterest is awesome. If you’re looking for a recipe, it’s probably out there. Wondering what to do with PVC pipe? Great ideas. Having a theme party? Pinterest is your friend.

But what if you’re like me and like to browse?  You end up with over 1,400 pins: 

Will I get to do them all? Probably not. But I kept adding more pins, creating more boards, and following more users. My time was spent not doing the things I pinned, but adding more things to do “when I have time.”

My Pinterest board was becoming like my reading list, filled with things that I will do someday. Just not today.

 Pinterest became my to-do list with over 1,400 items.  Like anyone else beset with a huge task list, anxiety set in.  (Yes, I know this is something of my own creation, and I don’t have to do any of them.  But this is how my brain works.) This became #5 on my 43 for 44 list: stop pinning. But just because I stopped pinning didn’t mean I stopped looking.

 After reading a blog post by Cait Flanders (my inspiration for this blog and the shopping ban), I decided to delete the app from my phone and my tablet.  The only way to access it would be through an internet browser.  My thumb kept tapping the screen where the app would be (muscle memory). But eventually I stopped looking for it.  It only took a few days. 

Since I deleted the app, I only pulled up the website once – to take a screen shot for this post. I miss it a bit, but not as much as I thought I would. I believe I will use it again; there are some recipes I want to try out and some PVC pipe ideas I need to refer to (I made a trash bag holder and the dog beds using Pinterest).  But not anytime soon.

I tried to do the same thing with Facebook. I deleted the app, but I found myself logging in through the internet browser many times during the day. V would ask if I saw something on Facebook, and it was a conversation starter. After four days, I re-downloaded the app on my phone. 

Facebook is more than a time suck.  My mood changes when I look at it. For every post that makes me happy, there’s 5 posts elicits a negative reaction, whether it’s irritation or anger, or sadness. I’m irritated when someone posts something completely wrong (the copyright post has been going around for YEARS). I’m angry when I see videos of animal abuse. And I’m sad when I see posts about mothers and daughters. I miss my mom. (Or the idea of a mom. But that’s another post. This is long enough as it is.)

But I just can’t quit it.  I like to see the commments section of The Archers (a BBC radio drama), and I like to see posts by my family. Yet I don’t know if it’s completely healthy for me to spend time on it.