Three months in, then I completely fell apart. Since my last entry:

  • Shopping ban has been completely busted
  • new subscription boxes ordered
  • no exercise
  • savings depleted
  • weight gain (and don’t get me started there)
  • and so on.

What happened? Holidays, complacency, lack of accountability…it led to a perfect storm of spending, eating, and lazing around. I think the only thing I’ve been able to keep up with is my reading.

Time to start again.


Week 1 review 

what I spent:

  • Gifts: $127.23 (two birthdays, one graduation, and a just because gift to my aunt)
  • Groceries: $14.82
  • Fullfilling 43 for 44: $74.54 (for #39: wordpress domain cost; #11 and #33: Weight Watchers; and #15: a card for Victor)
  • Savings: $76.63
  • Bills: $1,865.22 (mortgage, utilities, cable and internet)
  • Eating out: $16.07
  • Gas: $30.50
  • iTunes single, $.99 (on approved list, and used a gift card for it)

In progress

#4: Five 5ks

  1. National City 5k
  2. Galaxy Run (virtual run)

    #7: Finish Cize, C25K, PiYo, ChaLean

    • C25k: Week 3
    • Chalean Week 2, Burn 1
    • Cize: 1 session of Crazy 8

    #8: Get rid of at least 100 items, not including trash or recycling

    1. Vegetti


    • The Dead Key (meh)
    • The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (not in the right mood for this book) 
    • Summer Sisters (I think I read this one before)


    #39: Start blogging. You’re reading it!


    • Ordered a KindleFirst book. It was free, but against my shopping ban rules.
    • Downloaded an app. Again, it was free, but it’s a game that’s a major time suck.
    • Gained 2 pounds. Well, crap.

    1: The Shopping Semi-Ban

    I have way too much stuff. And I keep buying more. And I don’t have as much as I want saved (for emergencies, for retirement, etc.). After hearing about Cait Flanders and her shopping ban on blondeoneabudget.com (her story is completely aweosme), I decided to try it myself. 

    The rules:

    I can spend $ on:

    • Food
    • Household goods (only if I run out)
    • personal items, toiletries
    • gifts
    • pet expenses
    • anything to fulfill my 43 for 44 list: 5k entrance fees, photos to be printed, etc.
    • clothing (only if it replaces something)
    • travel expenses

    I cannot buy:

    • books/magazines/office supplies
    • fandom items
    • DVDs
    • craft supplies
    • any new subscription services
    • makeup
    • kitchen gadgets
    • organizing materials
    • video games, apps, digital media….even if it’s free

    Exceptions (why it’s a semi-ban):

    • iMac or MacMini (only when I save enough $ for it)
    • 3 subscription boxes (out of 8 9 current subscriptions)
    • 1 cd: Frances Ruffelle’s upcoming album
    • items that have been pre-ordered
    • items purchased with a gift card
    • Edit: theater hockey, and baseball season tickets

    The ban started on August 23, 2015, and will end August 22, 2016. I will also list what I purchased at the end of the week. Let’s see how this goes!